When it comes to managing the events, a number of rules and regulations have to be followed. This seems easy but in actual, it is a very stressing task. But, no need to worry! Here at Cynormedia, we follow in a proper legal way and give concern to all type of minor as well as amajor point so that you don’t have to suffer later.

Talking about the permissions, we have to gather Licence for a number of things which includes: municipal corporation approval –We arrange all kind of approval from the Municipal corporation in all districts of Punjab, Haryana , Himachal ,J &K , Uttarakhand& Chandigarh. We also have tie ups with local marketing contractor of the respective area.

We also Police permission ,Fire brigade permissions and local administration permission .

Entertainment And Alcohol Licence:

For events which are held in designated public areas, there is a requirement of entertainment Licence. This is needed when you intended to have some music, dance, drama, film or any type of spectator sport.

In addition to that, there is also the requirement of Licencefrom the local council to sell alcohol. Either the event is indoor or outdoor, no matter whether you are using a school hall or a public park, sale and consumption of alcohol needed aLicence.

Yes, there are some venues which already hold the necessary Premises Licence. This will allow you to do such activities so before starting such an event;get connected to a reliable option so that you don’t need to suffer later.

Premises Licence:

If you have chosen a venue that already has a premises Licencegranted then that licence will be valid for the life of the business. So it’s better if you clarify the position before making any applications yourself. At Cynormedia, you can minimize your tasks as we are here to help you with everything.


For events and programme which involves the playback of music, you need to have a permit from the Performing Rights Society (PRS). Our advertising agency clears all the restrictions regarding that.

Temporary Structures:

There is a requirement of Section 30 application for permission for using a temporary structure like a building or even a radio mast. At Cynormedia, we provide you full surety regarding the same.

Other Necessary Points:

Generally, there is a need of 3 to 12 months to get the permission so plan accordingly. Get in touch with us for any of your party or event for best results. You can connect our BTL activity agency any time and our experts will love to help you with any query.

What You Require?

  • Licences for events and premises
  • Permission for an event to carry in any building or putting up other structures
  • Permission from the landowner to use the event site
  • Permission for traffic management