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Cynor Media is one of the fastest growing Event Management companies in Chandigarh having done over 1500 shows across North India.

How Cynor Media is different from other event management companies in Chandigarh

Event Management cannot be defined in Simple words. It requires Management Skills, strong coordination, Planning ,budgeting and Execution at Micro level. We understand the complexities of Event Management and thats why we are among the top event management companies in Chandigarh.

A Growing Demand for Professional Event Management companies in Chandigarh


The Event Project Management Body of Knowledge has been developed using the years of experience of event managers around the world. The tasks and techniques have been quantified and measured to produce guidelines that are becoming standards for practitioners in the field. Just as managers in any other project-based business, the event manager must control all areas of the event from the initial idea to the final shut-down and wrap-up. Gone are the days of plans on napkins and lists on loose papers. A loss of focus or a misstep in any area can create serious problems not to mention associated costs.

Accountability: Best event management companies in Chandigarh

There is also a growing requirement for accountability and transparency. Therefore, the project management process enables the event manager to provide the business, government or charitable organization with the documentation for financial and logistical processes. These processes include work breakdown structures including risk analysis, scheduling, and costing plans.  A systematic approach is now required as events have now become an integral part of the business for organizations of all types. Best event management companies in Chandigarh. Everyone must know what they have to do when they have to do it and the organization must know how much it will cost.

Planning and implementation must be independent of an individual. The use of common terminology throughout the event with all involved enables effective communication and a clear basis for decision-making. The project management documentation provides full accountability to the stakeholders in any event. It also enables a clear vision of the process for the client. Having a methodology such as that used by the leaders in the industry provides the staff and volunteers a clear understanding of their responsibilities and a view of how they fit into the big picture. A bonus for those working with an organization using a systematic project management process means that they can transfer the skills learned to other endeavors.

Various organizations such as Meeting Planners International, the Canadian Tourism Council, and the International Special Events Society are involved in the certification of event practitioners.

An event has a life cycle that begins with an idea or concept and quickly moves to plan and implementation. Best event management companies in Chandigarh. As it evolves, the management will change and the focus will shift. No matter what changes occur, the event will be required to adhere to the constraints set by the client or stakeholders. 

A written plan aids in structuring an event. It can be as short as a page or can fill a 3-ring binder. It is not carved in stone but rather an evergreen document that changes as the life cycle evolves. Keeping it current is critical to accurate communication with clients, vendors, and attendees.

The event management companies in Chandigarh uses processes used for IT is not directly transferable but there are many tools that can enable en event manager to identify and manage the key elements. The process can be molded to fit the event, the client, and the event management team. Companies today are reorganizing into more nimble work group structures and must do more with less as well as be better able to respond to change.

Guideline documentation and templates can help the event manager determine elements such as the goals, vision, scope, timeline, budget, stakeholders, and signature authority.

The following are some of the key elements in project managing events:

  1. Event Breakdown Structure: it is a method for establishing the client’s goals and objectives, organizational structure and provides a clear view of the event requirements.
  2. Work Breakdown Structure: This is a process of decomposing the complex project into smaller units of work that can be easily managed.
  3. Scope Creep: Events can gradually expand beyond the original plan. Event Managers must constantly monitor the activities and expenses against the plan and communicate with the client regarding the feasibility and impacts of changes.
  4. Work Package: This term refers to the grouping of associated tasks. A work package document can be provided to a sub-group or vendor and provides only the information necessary to complete the associated tasks. This enables clear communication and more efficient work processes.
  5. A timeline: a timeline for each task must be estimated and a Gantt chart or Bar Chart can be constructed to monitor the progress of the activities.Event Management companies in Chandigarh knows a critical path with critical tasks and milestones must be established to ensure a successful execution of the event.

An advantage to using the project management process is that it can be used for the whole event and for individual areas. It also demonstrates professionalism and helps to ensure success. 

Cynor Media is a professional event management company in Chandigarh that knows the A to Z of event management. 

Benefits of best Event Management Companies in Chandigarh for Event Planning


A newly conducted survey disclose that more than 67% event planners relied on complete event management solutions to manage events of varied scale and budgets. This surely reflects the developing popularity of solutions that have enabled event planners to design their work and host successful events.

For some years, event planners had to put up with maximum costs to hire resources for managing events. In addition, they had to address various defects that appear while organizing events. Thanks to the end-to-end event registration and management solutions, planning and executing, performance has become easier.

Advanced solutions come with different key aspects that help event managers as you to plan and perform their events successfully. Some of the benefits that these solutions include the following:

Online registration facilities

Integrated event management software tools provide functions to facilitate online registration. Registrants simply fill out the registration forms and manage their registrations themselves. This helps you to make the whole registration process very simple for your prospective attendees.

Cost effective

Hiring a resource for managing your event will need you to shell out several dollars. You can save a lot of money by simply investing in an integrated solution that will help you to cut down costs to a significant extent. You can use the online registration software as a centralized platform to manage the data about your event visitors.

Customizable registration questionnaires

A lengthy registration questionnaire enables you to understand your attendees’ interests, expectations and preferences. You can ask particular questions to your registrants and gain useful insights that can help you to pull off your initiative successfully.

Payment facilities

With comprehensive event management software in place you can make it easier for your visitors to pay for registering at the event. Most of these software tools support different payment portals using which your prospective attendees can pay up at the click of the mouse. Cynor media is one of the leading event management companies in Chandigarh. Moreover, they get instant confirmation emails once the registration is completed.

Event marketing

You can use the event registration and management software to market your events as well. The “request a quote” option will help you to increase awareness. Being among the best event management companies in Chandigarh, we help you in even making private communities to attract your target audience and customers in an effective manner. Private community is a powerful tool that will enable your attendees to network with one another and thats where you need the best event management companies in Chandigarh.

Email notifications

Automated emails are extremely useful when it comes to informing your past attendees about an upcoming event. Furthermore, you can schedule the emails to be sent out on specific dates to ensure maximum participation.

Complete event registration and management solutions are highly scalable in nature. This benefits event planners provide a wide range of events. Irrespective of the industry you cater to, you can ensure maximum attendance and maximize your ROI effectively. So, choose the right and unique event management solution and host a successful event.

Cynor Media is an event management company in Chandigarh and advisor who provides event management related ideas on various events including conferences, trade shows, class and training management, private community networks, payment management and more. 

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